Matthew Allbright - Front End Developer/Artist

Welcome to my portfolio website hosted via gh-pages. Here is where I've got a timeline of my accomplishments during and after college. It includes my first graphic novel, various conventions i've been to, and my job history that pertains to being a web developer. I also have examples of projects I've done for myself or work. You'll also find a link to my github account where I have some code examples.

If you have any questions or comments you can contact me here or my social media links above.


React, Redux, JavaScript, jQuery, Sass, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Foundation, PHP, git


Adobe Creative Suite, inVision, Visual Studio: Code

Familiar With:

Gulp, Brew, Webpack, Node, Wordpress, Drupal, SalesForce Marketing Cloud


Vincent Fults Guitar Website

Vincent Fult's Website

My buddy who is a guitar teacher quit his job at Sam Ash to pursue music and wanted to work for himself. I built him a website to help him gather students. The things is he's so popular that his rolodex wass filled nearly instantly! Luckily if he needs it this website will help organize future and current students.

Schabel Property Management Group

Schabel Property Management Group Website

Tasked to upgrade an old site to a more modern mobile responsive site. Also updated the logo and created a graphic that can be used for their business card as well as colorizing a b&w photo to use as their main mast image. Here is the old version of the site versus the new site.

Silver Door Spa

Silver Door Spa

Upgraded website from old php template to custom redesign. Source code can be found on my GitHub.

Free Code Camp Indy

Free Code Camp Indy Meetup Website

Team leader of developers and designers for a local meetup group encouraging newbie developers to learn to code. Check out our design document!

My website where I host my comics

Starting 2015 in September featured my comic works from college and beyond.

Reggie and the Rabbit Amazon link

Reggie and the Rabbit

Here is the amazon link to my first graphic novel Reggie and the Rabbit. This was the product of my senior project at IUPUI.

Github repos

Github Repos

Here is where I have some of the templates that I've worked on for work. It also has this profolio website in one of the repos!

RoloDorks card app

Rolodorks WIP

Personal project, the problem what I was solving is I had a ton of business cards and wanted to preserve the art. Images saved on imgur and iterated through a json object.

Developer Blog

Developer Blog

Was inspired to document my experience in code so as to have a reference in the future.

More to come!

Work Timeline

Developer Panel talk with Free-Code-Camp-Indy

On a panel as a mid-level developer giving tips on several topics. Open question and answering panel.

Started working at Angie's list

Hired in as a Software Engineer II (SEII) focusing on front-end development. Hoping to grow in my role to include backend.

Started working for Heartland FPG

In charge of email marketing markup in Sales Force Marketing Cloud, converted websites to Wordpress sites hosted through pantheon and version controlled via Lando. Seriously, check out lando. It imports your database and files so you can use it like git.


Responsive website redesign for for the Schabel Property Managaement Group. Integrated IDX (Internet Data Exhange) to show housing listings with the website, designed logo, new business card design, and colorized a black & white photo to display on the main page.


Responsive website redesign for Silver Door Spa a spa based out of Carmel, IN. Integrated with service to help clients schedule appointments.


Started working for Rook Security

Started as their Front End Developer helping crystalize designs and update styles on an in-house SOC supplemental security threat application.

Contributed to Open Source Project

Contributed to the app open source project. Used a js library and consumed API data to update donut charts displaying the number of downloads based on operating systems through different versions.

Became a Team Leader

Became the Team Leader of the Developers and Designers in the FreeCodeCamp Indy Meetup. The idea is to make a website to gather our campers. Check out our progress here

Started a blog

Started a developer blog as the result of a FreeCodeCamp meetup.

Joined INDY.js and Node.js

Found out about local meetups in indianapolis.

Started FreeCodeCamp

At Indy.js I learned about freecodecamp to learn front end skills.

Exhibited at INDYpendent Self-Publisher's Show

Helped local artists actualize their ideas and sold my new comic It's All Downhill From Here.


Exhibited at INDYpendent Self-Publisher's Show

Helped local artists actualize their ideas and sold my new comic It's All Downhill From Here.

Exhibited at Indy Pop Con

Sold my illustrations, graphic novel, and attended panels.

Graduated IUPUI

Graduated with a Bachelor's in Informatics.

Started working at Trivas Consulting

Hired as Computer Programmer and Graphic Design Specialist.

Exhibited at Indiana Comic Con

Sold my illustrations, graphic novel, and attended panels.


First public showing of R&tR

At a local convention called INDYpendent Self-publisher's show, participated in panels on self-publishing, giving and taking critique, and character creation.

Published Reggie and the Rabbit

After the success of the indiegogo I was able to publish my comic through both Holon Publishing and Brinkman Printers.

Finished Reggie and the Rabbit

Finished R&tR and self published. Was approached by Holon Publishing, an artist collective and publishing house out of Bloomington.

Joined Holon Publishing as author and illustrator

Joined Holon Publishing and entered publishing deal to distribute R&tR.

Started senior project Reggie and the Rabbit

Set out to create, illustrate, write, and publish my own comic book. Links above in projects.

Started Reggie and the Rabbit Indiegogo

Ran a succcessful indiegogo campaign to help fund publication.


Created my own comic based on wordpress to display my comic and maintained weekly page releases.

Volunteered at Indy Pop Con

Helped run photo booths, managed lines, and helped give guests directions and water if needed.

Volunteered at Indiana Comic Con

Managed lines, helped with celebrity signings, and helped give guests directions and water if needed.


Started College

Started at Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis(IUPUI) on New Media


Graduated High School

Gratuated 2006 from James Madison High School